The Federal Republic of Whiland

Flag of Amistat

Amistat Assembly Building.

Amistat's place in the world, denoted by the letter "A." (Courtesy Institut Cartografic de la Repuiblica Ensolelhada).

Amistat is a dependency of Whiland and serves as an important trade hub for its continent and for Whiland itself. A stopping point on the Occidental Express, Amistat also serves as a tourist direction for those wanting to visit the Republica Ensolelhada who are not permitted to visit by their home governments due to Republica Ensolelhada's socialist political system. Whiland does not believe in refusing or cancelling diplomatic relations unless there are clear reasons to do so. As a result, Amistat is also Whiland's main trading point with Republica Ensolelhada.

(c) Shane Armstrong, 2004