The Federal Republic of Whiland

Flag of Whilandian Glaciaria

Map of the South Pole, depicting Whilandian Glaciaria. The "Yellow Zone" is now under the control of Allacoa, and is called Guadacoa.

Whilandian Glaciaria is Whiland's external territory on the south pole, and was ceded to the Federal Republic of Whiland by the Free Confederation of Lendian Republics (FCLR) upon its dissolution. Split into Islandic, Lexican, Zartanian, Westrian, and Whilandian Zones, along with the preexisting Gronkian Zone, Glaciaria was ceded on the condition that its status remain as it was under Lendian control. Exploitation of natural resources is prohibited, and human habitation is to be kept to a low level, concentrated on scientific research. The Federal Republic of Whiland reaffirms this charter, performing scientific research and exploration, and a yearly visit by unarmed Special Forces Trainees to practice arctic survival techniques. The Federal Republic of Whiland rejects assertions from other nations that claims to the Glaciarian territories should be withdrawn, believing that these territories are in safe hands, and that the stability of the area would be put into jeopardy if its fate were to be decided by a global committee. As always, the Federal Republic of Whiland welcomes joint scientific research projects in the territory with any nation with which the Federal Republic of Whiland has diplomatic ties.

(c) Shane Armstrong, 2004