The Federal Republic of Whiland

Flag of Port Julian

Port Julian Traders Guild Hall.

Port Julian (dark brown, indicated by the number "2") in relation to the former Maryport (Courtesy VINO).

Port Julian initially existed as a treaty port exchanged by Whiland with Maryport for a port on the Whilandian coast (Port Hawke). In accordance with the Hawke-Julian Ports Treaty (see below), when Maryport ceased to exist as a sovereign entity after civil conflict, Port Julian became a permanent posession of Whiland, and Port Hawke reverted back to Whilandian control. Port Julian also serves as a trade outpost for Whiland, and, like Amistat, is also an important stop on the Occidental Express. Close to Lendia, Neoliliana, Draconia and Christiana, Port Julian is a major trade hub on the north of the continent, reflecting the strong and proud international trading history of the people of the Mercantile Republic of Maryport.

The Hawke-Julian Ports Treaty.


The Overseas Traders' Guild (OTG) of Maryport has acquired a number of seaports (some small, some medium sized) and adjoining areas. The Guild wants to exchange some of these areas for similar areas in other countries. The swapped areas can either stay with their current country or change nationality to their new owner-countries.

Three areas belonging to the Overseas Traders' Guild are designated as potential for swapping. The areas each have 10000-30000 inhabitants, mostly of mixed origin. They also have medium sized harbors.

The Government of the Federal Republic of Whiland has decided to respond to the offer by the OTG with a proposal, that allocates some prime oceanfront territory in Whitlam in exchange for a small area owned by the OTG: the areas designated in the below map will change to The Federal Republic of Whiland, with Maryport giving up all rights and sovereignty over territories:

In return, the territory indicated in the below map, will change ownership to Maryport, with the Federal Republic of Whiland giving up all rights and sovereignty over the territory:

Maryport and the Federal Republic of Whiland agree on this trade of lands as a means of significantly expanding their Vexillium-wide trade interests. For each of these nations, the new overseas territory will serve as an important hub for commerce, shipping, diplomacy, trade, and manufacturing, as a home away from home, a supply station and port.

Conditions of the trade.

1.) The trade is permanent and irreversible, unless agreed upon by both parties.

2.) Borders of the territories are as shown on above maps. All borders will be re-surveyed as more detailed maps of the individual territories are compiled.

3.) In the event of the demise of the Mercantile Republic of Maryport, Port Julian will remain under the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Whiland, while the region known as Port Hawke will revert to Whilandian rule.

4.) In the event of the demise of the Federal Republic of Whiland, Port Hawke will remain under the sovereignty of Maryport, and Port Julian will return to Maryportean rule.

5.) All parties are free to change the names of their acquired territories as they wish.

6.) All parties will establish a link from their respective web pages to this page for easy reference.

7.) This land swap treaty will become effective Thursday, March 18, 299, at 12:00 hours Maryport time. At that moment, ownership of the indicated territories will change hands as described above.

For the Overseas Traders' Guild of Maryport:

Karl-Heinz Von und Zu Otto

Bailiff of Stetsonia On behalf of The Overseas Traders' Guild of Maryport


For the Federal Republic of Whitlam:

The Hon. Shane Armstrong MP, Prime Minister, Federal Republic of Whiland


Signed in Merryport, Maryport, this 17th day of March, 299.

(c) Shane Armstrong, 2004